Whether you’re a parent, carer, teacher, football coach or Youth Leader, finding out that a child or young person is being bullied, or is involved in bullying, can be daunting. But how we react and how we respond to bullying behaviour is key to reaching a successful outcome for everyone involved.


Bullying… A guide for parents and carers

As a parent or carer, there are a number of things you can do if your child tells you they're being bullied, which can help them to feel in control again.

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Practical Guidance

These short films give you some practical advice to consider if your child is being bullied, or if they're bullying someone else.

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Online Safety

Bullying can take place online in environments where there is little or no adult supervision. You have an important role to play in explaining your child’s rights and responsibilities when using smart phones, laptops or games consoles to...

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