A culture that encourages respect, values opinions, celebrates difference and promotes positive relationships will make it difficult for bullying behaviour to flourish or be tolerated.


Children and young people need secure relationships around them, together with adults who set boundaries, provide guidance and are good role models. They need love, praise and recognition to build their self-belief, optimism, active engagement and sense of purpose. Through this they will learn how to socialize, be emotionally aware and have friendships in and out of school. These are the things that give them the ability and support needed to cope with difficulties and take decisions – things that promote mental wellbeing and provide them with the skills they will use and value all of their lives.


Creating the right environment

The overarching ethos of any organisation should make it clear that bullying is never acceptable and that all adults, children and young people understand the role that they play in addressing bullying

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Ways to respond

A child’s experience will be directly affected by the response they get from the adult. We need to listen and get it right. It’s about the personal touch, and we should always be mindful of this.

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