NEW: Self Assessment Toolkit


Following a successful pilot with Dumfries and Galloway Council early 2021, respectme has launched a new validated self-assessment process and toolkit. The respectme reward programme is designed to help schools and youth services review their anti-bullying policy and practice, help them celebrate success and plan for continuous improvement. By taking part in this self-assessment process, and with support from respectme along the way, the ambition is that excellent anti-bullying practice across Scotland will be recognised by the new respectme reward.

The respectme reward recognises the serious thought that goes into successful anti-bullying policy and practice and the intentional efforts needed to ensure stakeholders have consistent and positive experiences in your setting. We want to acknowledge, through this accolade, the energy that a whole-school approach to anti-bullying can generate, and the real difference it can make! A robust anti-bullying policy matched by consistent, predictable practice will help to create safe environments where bullying cannot thrive.

View the new Self-Assessment Toolkit here


Gaining a respectme reward will:

  • Demonstrate that your anti-bullying work has substance and can withstand rigorous scrutiny.

  • Show that children and young people in your care are having their rights upheld and respected and that they feel safe.

  • Prove that your interventions are making a difference.


    Getting involved:

    Commitment to, and completion of, this self-assessment toolkit process is a significant investment of your time, effort and resource and we will support you in every way we can throughout the 5-stage process.

    All local authorities in Scotland have been contacted with the invite to register interest in becoming the first authorities to take part in this new national programme. Our capacity limits our first intake to the first 20 schools identified by local authorities, and our intention would be to work with this cohort across the remainder of the 2021/22 school year and to phase all other interested authorities into 2022/23 and beyond.

    Local authorities will be recruiting schools to take part now, if you are keen to get involved reach out to your local authority in the first instance to register your interest. If you have any questions about the process we would love to hear from you, get in touch at


    Testimonials from our pilot authority – Dumfries and Galloway

    “respectme is so much more than anti-bullying, it brought in everything around our nurture, experiences trauma, ACEs. It’s absolutely everything we do; it’s the heartbeat. It’s more than just bullying. If you get all the other parts of the jigsaw in then bullying doesn’t become that much of an issue. It informs the culture, the vision, the values. It brought together everything so that when we came to pull the evidence for it, it all connected. It’s been about actually embracing all the staff training we’ve been doing, all the work we’ve been doing with the children, our focus on wellbeing, it’s been a celebration of all of it. It’s been wonderful.” (School lead)

    “We talk about respect all the time, what it looks like, but to have an external agency come out and say yes, what you’re doing with the kids is what we’re looking for and highlighting practice. It’s that verification to everybody to staff…and for parents…It’s not just us that are saying we’re doing our best. (School lead)