Using short films is a great way of widening discussions around bullying behaviour with children and young people.


Over the years we have developed a range of videos and resources to support our work and awareness raising campaigns.  These videos, whilst promoting clear anti-bullying messages around online safety, role modelling, online bullying and relationships, can also be used with children and young people to generate wider discussions on bullying behaviour.

There are also a number of other short films on our YouTube channel, many of which have been produced by children and young people and, again, which make excellent resources for opening up discussions around bullying.



Bullying - what can I do?

Guidance for using this resource with children and young people

Before you give advice about bullying, get some


How do I know if it's bullying?

What advice should I give?

What if my child is bullying someone?


You have to respect me

She's still going somewhere