Online Learning Modules

''s never acceptable' webinar series.


The following video modules have been developed as an online version of our face-to-face training ‘Bullying…It’s Never Acceptable’.

The training uses the Scottish Government’s anti-bullying guidance, Respect for All, to define bullying and introduce practical strategies to address bullying behaviour when it occurs.

By providing a free online version of the training, we aim to provide organisations and individuals a convenient and flexible way to access and share learning in relation to recognising, responding, and preventing bullying behaviour.

As you make your way through the modules, please remember to complete all four surveys: each one will take under a minute and will provide us with vital information regarding the relevance, effectiveness and quality of the training.

Download the ‘Learning Module Guidance Notes’ for advice on how and when to use these videos.


Module 1 - Why address bullying?

What are the negative impacts of bullying? Why is it important to address bullying behaviour? Bullying can have a range of harmful effects on children and young people's health and wellbeing. Being able to recognise these impacts is an important part of responding effectively to children who are dealing with bullying.

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Module 2 - Defining and recognising bullying behaviour

Learn all about how bullying is defined in Scotland, the benefits of having an agreed definition, and the different kinds of bullying behaviours. Being able to recognise bullying behaviour is a key part of providing children and young people with effective support if they are affected by bullying.

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Module 3 - Preventing bullying: policy and practice

Discover how having an effective anti-bullying policy and robust anti-bullying practices play such an important role in preventing bullying behaviour happening in the first place. Positive relationships can be encouraged in any setting by implementing a range of practical strategies to create environments where bullying is difficult to thrive and where children's rights to be safe and protected are upheld.

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Module 4 - Responding to bullying

It is important that children and young people receive an effective and supportive response when they make disclosures of bullying. The right response can make all the difference to a child or young people being able to cope with and recover from experiences of bullying. Find out what a good response looks like not only for children experiencing bullying but also how to support children who are bullying others to change their behaviour.

Finish the webinar series by completing the Module 4 survey.